Customizable Solutions

We work with you to design a project that perfectly meets your needs. We can focus on a particular sector, socio-demographic group, or a geographical location.


Leverage AI powered solution to grow

  • Real-time scalable solutions.
  • High granularity data.
  • Language support: French, standard Arabic, Arabic dialect, and English.
  • Various data sources: Youtube, Twitter, press, ad websites, review websites, online directories, paper documents, etc.

Example Use Cases

Economic intelligence for successful entrepreneurs & investors


Social intelligence for inclusive & impactful interventions

Our Team


Ghita Mezzour, PhD

CEO & Founder

Dr. Ghita Mezzour founded Data in Seconds (DASEC) to deliver big data and AI solutions for Social Good in Morocco. She has directed AI for good projects funded by USAID, NATO and has consulted for the Wolrd Bank. Dr. Mezzour holds a PhD in “Computation, Organizations and Society” and “Electrical and Computer Engineering” from Carnegie Mellon University, USA and a Master and Bachelor in “Communication Systems” from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland. She was selected as a Rising Star by MIT in November 2015.


Mouhcine Toumi

Data Scientist

Results-driven and dedicated team player with proven problem solving and leadership skills. Passionate about building Data Driven Software Solution. Mouhcine holds a software engineering degree from the National School of Computer Science "ENSIAS". Mouhcine identifies himself as a problem solver.

Our Partners


Abdelkhalek Touhami

Touhami ABDELKHALEK is a consultant for several national and international organizations (ONDH, World Bank, UNDP, UNICEF, etc.) for Morocco and for several Arab countries and French-speaking African countries.
Touhami ABDELKHALEK’s research focuses on work in applied econometrics, economic policies modeling, statistical analysis of poverty, etc. Currently, he is particularly working on the quantitative economic (economic modeling), statistical surveys approach and econometric aspects of development issues (poverty, inequality, impact evaluation of public policies, labor market, education, health, etc.).
Touhami ABDELKHALEK is an associate researcher or fellow at several Institutes, Networks and Research Centers around the world (ERF in Cairo, FEMISE France, CIPREE at Laval University in Quebec, CRDE and CIREQ at University of Montreal, API-Kuwait, ...). He has several publications in various international scientific journals including the Review of Economics and Statistics and the Annals of Economics and Statistics. He is a member of the editorial committees of three specialized international economic journals.
Touhami ABDELKHALEK obtained his Ph.D. from Montreal University (Montreal, Canada), Department Economic with two specializations; namely Development & Growth and Econometrics. He is a full-time Professor at the National Institute of Statistics and Applied Economy (Institut National de Statistique et d’Économie Appliquée, INSEA) in Rabat, Morocco. He was, for several years, a visiting professor at Montreal University, Paris-Dauphine University and Paris I University.
In 2005, he was the author of the chapter “Poverty in Morocco”, of the National Report on "50 years of human development in Morocco" (RDH50).

Doing Business in Morocco

A platform to promote investments in Morocco and Africa. It’s dedicated to startups, researchers, investors, entrepreneurs, government officials and anyone who is interested in doing business in Morocco or with Morocco.
It’s a platform of exchange, business, news, events, networking and investments. will not be a casual networking occasion, but an exclusive event with focus on strengthening the economic relations between Morocco and the rest of the world.
Doing Business in Morocco assists their clients in every step of their quest for investment in Morocco, making sure they benefit from the best environment for the development of their business.
Ahmed Larouz, founder of DBM, is a social innovator, entrepreneur and a strategic creative communication and marketing manager. He gained experience across several industries around the globe and has consulted commercial businesses, start-ups, government and social organizations. He founded Bridgizz, a communication and marketing agency based in Amsterdam with a satellite office in Casablanca (Morocco).


  • Just Results is the world’s first international development company to confidentlyoffer results-based contracts exclusively, working direct-to-country
  • Just Results aims to disrupt the international development industry, by identifyinggrowth opportunities in high potential markets for their clients and offering themperformance-based contracts in the areas of investment climate, agriculture, andyouth employment.
  • Just Results helps countries and governments improve their performance indicators(eg. doing business) and their ranking by offering tech and consulting solutions.
  • Lara Goldmark, founder of Just Results, is known for leading projects that havelasting success, and for bringing others together to do the same. She was vicepresident for economic growth at DAI and director for private sector innovations atFHI 360.


THRUST Africa is a consultancy and training firm. It was created on the basis of the experience acquired by its founders in Morocco and West Africa in the fields of Investment support and promotion, business development, Strategic management of companies and projects.
Thrust Africa’s mission is to support clients in their strategic and organizational projects and improve their performance, by helping them seize opportunities and providing them with solutions adapted to the context of their respective entities.
Thrust Africa was co-founded by Younes El Hachimi and Nabil Bendourou. Mr El Hachimi specializes in Business Development, Business Strategy, Project Management, Local Economic Development, Operations Management, Marketing and Communication. He worked as a local economic development consultant, in charge of supporting Moroccan and African local governments in elaborating their strategic development plans. He was the Director of a Senegalese Subsidiary of a leading engineering consulting company to launch and develop its activities in Senegal and West Africa.
Nabil Bendourou has 20 years of experience in finance and accounting. Throughout his career, Nabil has supported several national and international investors in the development of their development strategies, the evaluation of their investment project, and the operationalization of their activities. He is also a financial expert with foundations in charge of international projects funded by international donors such as UNIDO, USAID and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.


Youth-In is a social enterprise that works on building a better future for vulnerable populations. Youth-In brings concrete and impactful solutions to address socio-economic challenges such as inclusive education, entrepreneurship and employability.
Youth-In uses Social Solution Design which implements SMART personalized and pragmatic solutions for different inclusion issues. Youth-In also implements Social Project Management which manages a project during the entire field deployment using technical assistance of stakeholders.

References & Testimonial


Ana Paula Fialho Lopes,
Senior Social Development Specialist,
Social Sustainability and Inclusion Global Practice,
The World Bank

Dr. Mezzour analyzed Youtube data and press data to assess the effect of different governmental and non-governmental interventions on vulnerable populations including women, youth, migrants and homeless. Such work provided key insights into the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable populations in Morocco and informed our understanding of the evolving policy needs in response to the crisis.
Dr. Mezzour is highly professional, delivers quality products and on time. She has a strong technical expertise and an in-depth understanding of datamining opportunities and challenges in Morocco. She has very good communication skills and an analytical mind, and is keen on engaging in multi-disciplinary discussions in order to apply AI tools and techniques to respond to the needs of other disciplines.
I strongly recommend Dr. Mezzour. I believe she is a solid expert on using data science and artificial intelligence techniques to understand local socio-economic dynamics in Morocco.



Nominated as best and most innovative digital solution from Morocco by World Summit Awards, a global initiative within the framework of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society.


Selected by Orange Corners, a program of the Dutch Embassy.


Winner of Innov Idea by Caisse Centrale de Garantie


Our founder Ghita Mezzour is a panelist at USAID training webinar - MENA Region Female Entrepreneur

November 17th, 2020

Our founder Ghita Mezzour is a speaker at Dar America - The Age of Automation, The Future of Skills

Link November 27th, 2020


How representative is Internet data in Morocco? [1]

  • Households with Internet access: 82.4% (urban), 56.% (rural).
  • Internet penetration: Men (68.5%), Women (61.1%).

[1] Enquête de collecte des indicateurs TIC auprès des ménages et des individus au niveau national au titre de l’année 2018. Agence Nationale de Réglementation des Télécommunication (ANRT), Juillet 2019

Can we trust such approaches?

Many international organizations & large companies around the world use intelligence derived from Internet sources for decision making.

Do these approaches replace surveys?

No, such approaches are complementary to surveys. They offer the advantage that they are real-time and scalable. They also collect some types of information that are not easily collected through survey.

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